Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I had a disturbing conversation with my sister tonight...

She explained that she's "read all the research" and if they ever have a son they'll still circumcise him... Well my darling sister please read some more on this subject.. please?


is a good place to start. I can't even fathom thinking that a part of your baby boy needs to be cut off :( It can interfere with breastfeeding, it can lead to DEATH in some cases. It's an elective surgery... ELECTIVE.

It's late and I need sleep... please do some more reading?


Anonymous said...

I'm a nurse and I didn't circumcise my sons. They have never had any medical problems or teasing over it and they are 11 yrs and 16 yrs old. Circumcision is too painful and risky. No medical organization in the entire world endorses routine infant circumcision. It's sad that people still chose to have this performed on their healthy, newborn sons. Why would anyone want to remove a healthy body part???
I doubt she's really researched it or she would know it's not a good thing to do.
Your sister really should watch some infant circumcisions before she decides to have it done to her child.
There is a good video at http://intact.ca/vidintro.htm and another at http://intact.ca/vidintro.htm . It's pretty much dead on what happens at every circumcision I've ever witnessed.
Other good info at - http://nocircpa.org/4642.html .

Anonymous said...

Oops! For some reason I didn't properly link to the second circ video. Here it is -


Frogmorest said...

Thank you for those links! I've seen the video's and they make me bawl :(