Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Camera download ;)

So we finally go around to downloading the camera... let the past month commence!

Sigh... and this is what happens when good kids go bad. And their mom's beat them (or their cousins throw them face first into ice which is more likely...)

Loki!!! He's smiling :)

Loki head profile

Phoenix and Loki hanging out

Can you say bat ears? Come in space control!


Teeth... the source of all my hellish evenings

My darling children :) Excuse the look on Madeline's face... she was concussed at the time ;)


Samurai Shisho said...

test commments

Anonymous said...

her face looks terrible!

Anonymous said...

loki needs to be send to Alabama right now! sisterly love;)

Robyn said...

OH SO CUTE!!! kids and puppy, all of them. just knock me over with the cuteness.