Monday, October 16, 2006

What a night...

When I went over to Robyn's today this afternoon. Things were tense. Things went from bad to worse and Mike took off. I spent some time with her on the phone tonight letting her vent and supporting her. It breaks my heart to hear and see how upset she is. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make everything better, make it the way she needs it to be. Make it so she had a partner in life... I've offered her a place to stay if she needs/wants it just to get away.

We actually did see Chris and Nansi tonight. They invited us over for roast beef and we brought a salad and some buns. It was wonderful. I actually had a really good time chatting with nansi and letting the kids play. She got some Phoenix snuggling time; I could tell she enjoyed that. The boys (jeff and chris) got to talk shop and dissapeared downstairs for a bit. It was a nice evening. I was very pleasently suprised.

Jeff had to see a client tonight so I did bedtime with the girls. Packed Maddy's school bag and her lunch (pb and honey on whole wheat, all-bran bar, mix of dried kiwi, pinapple, mango and almonds and rice milk) I hope she likes it. Phoenix is ACTUALLY IN BED! I put him down at about 11:15 and not a peep yet. Very nice.

I'm bagged... I can't sleep though. I wish I could be with Robyn right now to comfort her. If Jeff was not working I so would offer to be there with her right now. I think I'll invite them for dinner tomorrow night.

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