Friday, October 13, 2006

League meetings and such

Tonight was LLL. We just started a new series and I think that people will enjoy it. The goal is to get people thinking a bit more about activism and such. There was a good mix of old and new people (and old and new babies!) Our two newest people were a mama that has a 4 week old little boy who has Down's syndrome and a lovely mama with a 4 month old beautiful little girl. She is of african descent and I'm already making plans for her and Phoenix to wed in the future. One of the cutest babies I've ever seen! The meeting went well... I was a bit dismayed though...

The sweet little baby that has downs is circumsized :( Poor little one. Like he does not have enough going on that you had to cut him up. It didn't look good either... red and kinda scabby. It's really the first baby boy penis I've seen cut so I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like. It was really just a gut reaction I guess... my dismay that is. I would never say anything to her but she was definatley looking at both Phoenix and Grayson and noticing their uncirc'ed state.

Tonight was soup and bread for supper. Olivia loved the lentil soup and Maddy was okay with it... not love but at least she ate it.

Phoenix is in bed already. I say already but it's 12:23 am and he just went to bed 10 minutes ago. Hey... at least it's not 1:30!

Maddy's got kindy tomorrow. I think we'll go out for chinese for dinner. I have a box of clothes I'm going to get in the mail for Heather and Xan. Right I need to get those pacifiers off of Robyn.

I'm tired. I'm spent. I need a day to just sit, relax, chat, and renew my resources. I need a day with no kids hanging off of me (big kids that is) and no responsibilities other than cuddling and nursing my babe. I need a maid to clean my house and a chef to cook me meals. I need to have my husband all to myself for a good 4-5 hours.

Next friday is the big v day. The countdown begins...


Babs said...

Now that I have a little boy it makes even less sense... why would I cut that up???

Robyn said...

i know! it looks perfectly fine to me the way it is. i have never once looked at gray's foreskin and thought, "you know, why don't i just hack that off just for the fuck of it?" nevermind the fact that it makes it about half the size. or that it HURTS!

okay. rant over. LOL.