Sunday, October 29, 2006

Samhain and stuff

Yesterdays ritual went great. Jeff did a wonderful job and there was a fair bit of power and emotions that came out of it. I spoke the names of Baby Violet and Jericho and bawled.. of course. I didn't even realize how much the anniversary of Jericho's death was bothering me but it is.

The food was awesome. We all sat around and watched "Over the Hedge" while we were eating dinner. Charlene brought a brown bean chili, Paul a ceasar salad, Katrina a fruitish salad, we did hot dogs, hummus, chips, taco chips, pretzles, juice, water and pop. Michelle brought dessert. Shannon brought buns. I love pot lucks!

Jeff ended up at the er late last night. His testicles were swollen to four times the size and even though his is circumsized it looked like he was not because of all of the swelling. He couldn't even pee straight! He has an infection (no kidding) and is on Cipro now. I'm not even going to reccommend not taking the rx... you don't mess around with infections like that. I'm going to get him to do GSE, tto and arnica gel and tabs as well. Hopefully that will help.

We've got to go get raw milk today and drop it off at Robyn's. Jeff has to drop off his prescription and we have to hit Save-on for yoguart, tahini and rice milk. I should get going i suppose.

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