Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's 11 am

And my whole house is sleeping... except for me (right here) and Madeline (at school)

Jeff is snoring away on the couch. Olivia is still passed out in her bed and Phoenix (after nursing at 9:30) is still asleep in our bed.

It's nice and quiet.

I've gotten up, had a shower, eaten some bread, hummus and blueberry yoguart for breakfast and am now just enjoying the peace and quiet.

It snowed last night. Fucking hell. I really really really hate snow. I hope Maddy's warm enough for recess and lunch time. It's pizza day at school today so my normally hummus and veggies, or organic pb on homemade whole wheat girl is eating pepperoni pizza, a rice crispie treat and chocolate milk. Blerg. One day won't kill her.

I messed up. Again. I bought a big box of oatmeal (instant because IT WAS FOR ME and I was feeling lazy) and jeff started feeding it to madeline in the mornings without telling me. So.. she's been pretty psycho and hard to handle for the past couple of weeks. I kept thinking it was food dye related but could not figure out what! Yah... for the record? Maple and brown sugar oatmeal has carmel food colouring in it.

Nuff said.

Mother goose tonight. Hopefully the little puking boy is better or not there. That was way too much nastyness for me to handle. You know what? If your kid looks green and punky KEEP THEM THE FUCK HOME. Sniffles, snuffles, coughs... I can handle. Keep the puke in the home. Not in the classroom.

I have puke issues though. Maddy's only ever puked twice and Olivia once (sicknesses I mean) and I think Maddy's first one was because she gagged on something. The second times were when we had the norwalk virus a couple years back. That was nasty.

So I got my period yesterday. I made it to almost 5 months this time. You know? It's not fair. He does not use a soother, no supplements, no food, no water, nurses 12-1000000 times a day. Does not sleep through the night and uses me for all his pacifying needs. There are some moms who have babies that nurse ONCE a day, are three years old and they still can't get their fertility back! Damn I wish I was one of those...

Jeff's recouperating nicely from his surgery. I thought I would be more distraught about it but I really am done. Done done. I feel done. I don't feel any longing for more kids. I'm done. It's really nice to feel done.

I babysat Gray yesterday. Poor little duck was sick with a cold (everyone is) and was so tired. He just started to bawl so I rocked him, sang to him and he fell asleep. It only took about 15 minutes! I think Robyn was suprised that he actually fell asleep... what can I say? I have the magic touch (or voice... or rocking chair...)

Lazy day I think. I might make my hubby do some housework... ;)

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