Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday lazy sunday...

Phoenix finally cried himself to sleep in my arms at about 2:30am. I nursed him, cuddled him, offered the other side... rock-a-byed him, rubbed his tummy, patted his back... offer the other side again at which point he started to scream. So I layed down with him in my arms and rocked/shushed him for about 20 minutes until he finally gave out a final whimper and passed out. Mommy once again must have missed that very limited window of time in which to get him to sleep without him screaming. Can I say that I am SO tired of him not sleeping without sounding terribly ungrateful for this gift of a precious little boy?

He slept mostly ok for the rest of the night. Lots of nursing. We got up at around 10:45 (well I got up... he slept until noon) to physcho kids. Running, yelling, being a nuisance. Is it time for bed yet? They have settled down a bit and are now playing down stairs.

We went and picked up some puzzles off of freecycle, picked up a half gallon of raw milk which I gave to Robyn to try, dropped off photoshop at the library (we... borrowed it) and dropped off the plate at Michelle's from turkey last week. When we walked into the house our bread was ready and it smelled like a bakery. Yum!

We were supposed to do something with Chris and Nansi today but
1. they'll probably bail... because they always do
2. I really don't feel like hanging with them because...

1. they always bail. It irritates me.

I have no time for friends who are only friends on their terms. When they have the time. When they have the energy. When nothing else better has come along... not my style.

So Robyn mentioned getting together and we'll probably do that instead. I prefer her company :)

Baby needs a boob... what else is new?

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