Monday, October 16, 2006

Soooooo tired

I got next to no sleep last night. Between Phoenix being awake every hour and not being able to sleep until about 5 am worrying about Robyn, I am bushed. Apparently Mike is home according to Rose; who called this morning asking me what the fuck was going on. She had all the information anyways (which I made sure to find out before I said anything) so I just commiserated with her. She got no sleep last night either. I imagine Robyn is in the same boat. Damn... we need to head out to a spa for like a month or two.

Maddy has early dismissal today at 1:30. That sucks. lol.

Olivia is watching Babar. She slept in until about 10:30! Phoenix is still sleeping in bed.

I need some coffee. Big time.

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