Saturday, October 28, 2006


We had a great night tonight! The kids were beautiful and the dance was awesome! The five of us danced the night away (okay until the dance ended at 9pm). Jeff had Phoenix in the sling and they danced like crazy. Maddy did ballet most of the night and WON the prize for the best dancer!!! There was only one prize given out and she won it! The kindergartener! She got a big fuzzy black and purple spider. So cute! Unfortunately Liv's heart was broken because she didn't win a prize. So her and I went into the hallway to talk about it and she said "I'm going to go in there and dance even faster so I'll win a prize too." sigh... poor tyke. So needless to say that my "fast" dancer will recieve a prize tomorrow when I go shopping. I am so proud of my girls :)

After the dance we went to the evil McDonalds for some food. We were all so hungry that it didn't even matter that it was McDicks. hey... we all slide sometimes. They were a hit there with their princess costumes.

When we got home Janet (jeff's sister) had called. Their new baby Ella was born on wednesday and she had a ton of breastfeeding questions. I think I answered them all. I was tickled that apparently Darryl had said throughout the day "what would Tammy say? How does she do it? What would she do?" lol!

Jeff's cleaning the downstairs right now. I'm not getting him or I to do a huge clean before tomorrow cause it will just get trashed anyways. The bathrooms are clean, the carpet will be vaccummed and the floors swept. Toys picked up and a general tidy. Good enough!

Phoenix is in bed and I am bushed. I should get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Ballet, grocery shopping, making foccacia and hummus, preparing for the ritual... I do this to myself why?

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