Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm all alone...

A cute pic of my boy... see how happy he is to be pushing up!

Jeff's out at the pagan coffee meet tonight. The girls are in bed and Phoenix is passed out on a stack of blankets on the floor. I was nursing him laying down while watching survivor and he konked out. It's uber cute :)

I'm having a painful day. This first period is kicking my ass something fierce. Large clots, major cramps, tons of bleeding. You know what? I'm done with the whole reproductive process... just shut it down would ya?

Olivia had a good day at preschool and brought home a "full moon" painting. That will get pinned up beside Maddy's sunflower that she brough home yesterday. I really don't have enough walls for two kids in school.

Tonight Jeff warded the house (we've been meaning to do that for a bit) and the yard. We wanted it done before the Samhain ritual.

Wow I'm tired. It's hard keeping my eyes even open at this point. I think I might lay down with my boy and have a nap...

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