Friday, October 27, 2006

We've got the white stuff...


It's snowing to beat the band out there. I think there's already a couple of inches. The girls wanted to go outside to play of course so out we went. I need to find their snowpants!!!

Got a blender and some boys clothes today from freecycle. That was nice. The blender is old but all metal with a glass container. Those old blenders always work the best and last forever!

I got Maddy's Elizabeth dress hemmed for the dance tonight so she won't kill herself. I'm letting her wear my wedding tiara as well and she's tickled about that! So then I had to find something to appease the little person... she gets to wear pretty hair combs of mine.

Phoenix is asleep on him sheep skin, on the floor, on his tummy, covered with a blanket. He sounds even worse today! He can hardly breathe or nurse with this snotty nose. I just called Robyn and I need to pick up some pulsatilla for his sinuses. Hopefully then he'll be able to nurse and breath a bit better.

Looks like the snow might be lessening a bit... hopefully.

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