Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Three year olds. They are evil incarnate. I swear that Jasmyn and Olivia have been stolen by aliens and replaced with tasmanian devils. Ones that hate their parents. Between the two of them there was repeated screaming in this house today over the most menial stuff. Jasmyn didn't want to paint or decorate a goblin, Olivia was not getting a turn to speak, Jasmyn pee'ed on the toilet seat, Olivia didn't want to stop riding on her truck, Uncle Jeff put soap on Jasymn's hands after she had already washed them...

Devils I tell ya. Devils.

Aforementioned three year old just got up to go pee and complained that Eyore was missing... she's now tucked back into bed and there she better stay. I hear the aliens are out in full force tonight.

Phoenix (knock on wood) went to bed at 10:00pm again tonight. Woke at 11 for a quick nurse and then back to sleep. It was a big day for my boy today! Wake up at 10am... pee all over mommy and queen sized bed during a diaper change, nurse a million times, pick up big sister at school in new snowsuit (keeps him toasty warm) nurse a million more times, refuse to nap, roll over a dozen or so times, whine a bit, cry a bit, whine some more, smile, laugh, coo and giggle. Add some drool, pee, poop and snot... and that's our day. I truly love being a mom :)

Miss Madeline had her Halloween party today at school. She had a great time and came home with some plain chips and a few chocolate bars. She brought home tons of art work that are now all over my windows.

We had Robyn and the crew over for pizza tonight. It was even better than normal. Then Jeff helped the kids (sans Olivia... sent to bed early for screaming at mommy repeatedly) carve their pumpkins. I need to tidy up still from the grayson tornado (lol) but that will wait till the morrow.

It's 1:30am and I should go to bed... it's just so nice and quiet with only jeff and I around.

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