Sunday, October 08, 2006

Really good day

Phoenix didn't sleep very much today either BUT he's in bed already and has been for the last 20 minutes! He actually went to sleep at around 11 (in the pouch) and I was able to slip it off over my head and get him into bed with it. I think from now on I'll make sure he's fed, changed and then into the sling he'll go. He does not like being cuddled when he's tired but he loves falling asleep in the sling. Score one for mom!

We had a great day today. The potluck dinner was awesome. The turkey turned out very well and the salads were fantastic. I picked up a blueberry pie to go with the pumpkin pie and it was a hit. The girls had a wonderful time and there was very little whining or issues with any of the kids. Nice!!!

Tomorrow morning we're off to brunch at my Mother Goose co-leader Richards house. I'm bringing some nice warm bread :) I know we'll have a fantastic time.

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