Thursday, October 05, 2006

Busy busy busy...

so point form it is:

a member of a board I am on had triplets at home the other day!!!! It rocked :) They are adorable

a good friend of mine had an unassisted birth at home in the tub two days ago. Baby Xan was born healthy and happy and a robust 9ish lbs. I talked to Heather on the phone that night for an hour and it was such a wonderful happy chat. I was there last year when her son Jericho died shortly after birth so this is the finale to a very long and painful year for her

Robyn and I have been getting together more and more often and it rocks. I heart her. I love her kids. I love our chats. I love how knowlegable and how like me she is. We apreciate the same things. Have basically the same parenting style. Are passionate about the same things... I am so lucky to have a best friend like her

Phoenix is ROLLING from back to front now. You turn him back over and rolling again... it's very cute

Olivia is VERY three ... nuff said

Maddy is doing so well in school. Her teacher and librarian both have told me how polite, well behaved, good at listening she is and how they love knowing her. That warms my heart to hear it. I was worried that her spiritedness would get the best of her but she is slowly learning how to control her actions

I'm tired. I have an absess on my breast. I put some tto on it and it's getting less red and feels much better already. I love using natural remedies

sigh... off to nurse Phoenix and then probably bed. I'm beat today.

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Robyn said...

i heart you too. :D you rock. seriously.