Wednesday, October 25, 2006

double sigh...

My baby just screamed himself to sleep... in my arms... again...

He takes about three seconds to go from Happy to SCREAMING. Then he will not nurse to calm down. No he has to scream.

I feel sorry for the little guy :( So he's in bed and I imagine he'll wake up sometime soon; calmer and ready to nurse.

Mother Goose was good tonight. I told my first story ever and it was a hit. Chatted with Robyn a bit. They were heading out to coffee tonight. I wish!

Note to self... adopt a 16 year old to watch kids so my hubby and I can get out more often ;) Nah. I really don't have a huge wish to be out all the time. I kinda like kickin back with Jeff, kids in bed, us just chatting. Or watching tv together. Or working on insane riddles together ( we play pass the baby until he finally falls asleep. It's nice. And cozy. And what I signed up for. He is such a good husband and father :) I'm hopelessly in love with him and looking forward to being 80 and still hopelessly in love :) ... /sap

edited to add...

Phoenix woke up after 1/2 an hour happy as a little clam. So I went and nursed him, kissed him and he went right back to sleep. Poor little duck.

Jeff and I got all of our alter tools consecrated for the Samhain ritual on saturday. That took quite a while but was incredibly satisfying and energizing. We really need to start doing rituals outside of the Sabbatts.

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