Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am sick and tired...

of being a cow.

You know? It's just not that fucking nessesary to nurse every single 30-45 minutes for the entire night... and then the entire day... and when you are NOT nursing you need to bitch. Whine. Cry.

I know he's a growing boy.

I know he has a cold.

I know he's teething.

But if he does not BE QUIET and GO TO SLEEP I might sell him to the lowest bidder.

It's 1am of course... the time when I am just sick of being a mom. For the past three nights I've been going to bed right when he does, getting up right when he does, he's been napping in my arms, in the sling when we're out, being held when he's awake.

I need a break. I need like two hours when he's asleep. In my room. WITHOUT ME.

I'm getting a fucking cold and I need just not to be touched for a minute.

Jeff's sore after his surgery so he's trying to take it easy. I wish the kids would let me take it easy.

Downer post... oh well.

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