Monday, October 30, 2006


Tired today. I was tired yesterday too. I think it was all the chocolate I snarfed. I always feel like crap when I don't watch what I eat (well I DO watch it... as I snarf it) so back on track today. Just had my organic oatmeal with brown sugar and raisens and some pineapple juice with my cod liver oil pill (oh yum.)

It's Madeline's halloween party at school today so I baked some double chocolate with chocolate chunks muffins and stuck a tootsie roll in the middle of each one. They were good. Contributing to my sugar crash (see paragraph above.) Maddy's wearing her pony costume :) She wanted a mozzerella and orange pepper pita for lunch today and a WHOLE apple (cause all the other kids bring theirs whole...) a pinapple juice box (her first one for school ever!) and a blueberry yoguart for snack. Duotang is packed, box of organice crispy treats packed (for when other kids bring group snacks that she can't have) and extra outfit packed (our girl plays hard... and wet apparently.)

Olivia is at the table making a pumpkin out of orange poster board and black shapes. She cut out her own shapes and is now glueing them on. Tonight we'll carve the big pumpkins as a family. Phoenix is sleeping...

Speaking of sleep (knocking on wood) He's gone to bed around 10:00-10:30 for the last four nights. And last night because of daylight savings time he actually went to sleep at 9:30!!! I could get used to this. Before I was nursing him around 10 and he would nap for a bit and then be up until 2am. Now I put him in our bed as soon as he's asleep... if he wakes we turn on his music and pat his back and he goes right back to sleep. I like this. He usually starts waking to nurse about 2-3 hours later but that's cool. I get a bit of time to read or just stretch out on the couch... or fold laundry (I know... I'm a wild woman!)

I gave Phoenix some pulsatilla for his snotty nose last night. It seems to help.

Dammit I wish I could stop burping col!!! I like fish. I really do. But to burp it even when I have not eaten it is just really gross. I'll have to try freezing them. I've heard that helps.

We went to value village yesterday. I got some good deals! I found Madeline two pairs of jeans (in EXCELLENT condition) on paid 2$ for one pair and 4$ for the other. I bought Phoenix a blue fuzzy sherpa Winnie the Pooh snow suit in perfect/new condition for $7. He's getting one for Christmas but he needs something warm for now when we are going back and forth to pick up Maddy from school. I also picked up a pair of old school Robeez booties in navy (in good condition) for Gray for $5!!! Robyn kept saying how she wanted a pair for him but couldn't justify the $40 for a boy that can't wear them outside seems how he's already walking. But for $5 if he only wears them as slippers that is a great deal :) Jeff bought two brooms, two identical dishes for water and salt (alter items). Maddy got a pair of fisher price binoculars, Olivia a crocidile grabber thing that she has already got her fingers caught in twice... good haul altogether I'd say!

It's desperately trying to snow outside and not being successful. GOOD. I really need to move far south.

Well off to boob the newly awakened babe.

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