Sunday, October 08, 2006

Previously mentioned baby....

woke up at 2 am
4 am
6 am
8 am...

Yawwwwwnnn.... so sleepy.

The girls gave us a rude awakening at 8:30 by Maddy getting up, getting dressed, putting on runners and then waking Olivia, and clomping around the house. They were both promptly put back to bed. They are both playing nicely in their OWN ROOMS because they won't stop fighting and I don't want to murder them. So in their rooms they shall stay.

Have I mentioned I am tired? Very very tired.

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neha said...

Hi Tammy,

Hope you and Robyn and doing well...
Halloween is here and I am thinking of Robyn and her pumpkin pie story from when Jasmyn was in her belly!
Please say hi to her!

hugs to you both!