Monday, February 05, 2007

We're still alive...

But don't count on that statement holding true tomorrow morning ;)

Phoenix didn't sleep last night. Jeff and I took turns rocking and holding him ALL NIGHT. He could not sleep unless being held but he slept crappy because he was being held. I took the 1-3am shift, Jeff the 3-6am, then me again for the 6-10am. I actually managed to get him asleep and on his sheepskin on the floor for the hours of 7-9am.

He didn't nap today (okay for about 20 minutes in bed and five minutes in the Babyhawk when we were at the mall.) He basically fussed or screamed the whole day. He's sick, feverish, teething, snotting and just plain old freaking tired! You'd think he'd actually sleep. Nope. Not this kid.

We did get him down around 11 tonight and he's been up 3? 4? times in the hour and a half. He wants to nurse, he does not want to lay on his tummy, he wants his side... no not that side (!) the other side! No... forget that, he wants to sleep on his back... with one arm in and the other out (okay scrap the whole damn thing and start over!)

Insane? Yep. I'm already there.

Olivia was a bear and a half today. She'll probably wake up sick tomorrow. Maddy's good and that's good because she's going to fucking school if it's the last thing I do. It's her show and tell day tomorrow so she's taking a picture of her when she was a baby. She's got a peanut butter and raw honey flax tortilla, strawberries, yoguart and a trail mix I made with craisens, raw almonds and raw sunflower seeds. Water to drink. Clothes are picked out and homework is done. Her Valentines are done as well (done by herself, all by herself) and so are Olivia's (done by me.)

I just finished having really good sex. We're getting creative because according to his semenanalysis he still has sperm. Dead sperm.. but sperm. I also happen to have developed an allergy to latex. Latex in the vagina = really bad burns. Not good. I'll leave the rest to the imagination.

I should take my pills and get ready for bed. Iron, aspirin, B vitamin complex, cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. Yummo. I'll be burping cod livers all night.

Oh funny story... Maddy and I were in the store buying cod liver oil the other day and she says to me "mommy, do they really get the oil out of the cod's LIVER?" and I say "yes they do... they take their little itty bitty livers and squeeze the heck out of them and all the oil comes out..." Maddy says "mommy! You're lying and I'm telling daddy!!!" Nice... even when I tell her the truth she does not believe me! I finally convinced her though ;)

Well off to snuggle and bed. Or bed and snuggle.. hopefully with the large man and not the small man.


Babs said...

Poly condoms are apparently "better" but they're expensive as all hell.

Maddy's comment reminds me of when my mom and I were walking in PG and she saw this display that said, "Emu oil" and asked me how they got it. I told her, "they put the emus in this giant presser and swash them until all the oil comes out". She freaked out. She totally believed me.

Katrina said...

Try being allergic to lub!!! Not fun either.

There are supposed to be goat skin type condoms that you can use, but they are more expensive than latex. There are also birth control options, but I don't know if that's the root you want to take.