Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mmmmmm... food...

Mmmm... my house smells so good. I did a roast organic chicken in the crockpot today and forgot to turn it down to low after a few hours... by the time it was ready it fell apart (literally) and was so incredibly tender. Yum! We had a root veggie bake with it. Organic: carrots, sweet potato's, potato's, onions and garlic. Extra virgin Olive Oil, sea salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. THE BEST ROOT VEGGIES EVER. I just finished my stock (it burbled for 7 hours) and it's ready to make chicken noodle soup tomorrow for dinner. Add a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread and we're good to go!

We had a pre-valentines evening tonight with the kids. We had some popcorn, good chocolate and licorice. Watched a movie and just hung. It was fun times! The girls were up until about 9:30 so hopefully they'll sleep in a bit tomorrow. We also got Madeline's interim report. She's doing well on everything except she still needs to listen better in class. We've chatted about that and she will work on it. She's my little chatterbox that's for sure.

The girls spent the night at my parent's this weekend. They had a good time... I guess. Apparently my mom told Dawn that the girls were nice... but they are just not her "baby!" (meaning Kylee my neice.) No shock there. I wish they would just appreciate them for the wonderful special children that they are... instead of always wishing they were somebody else.

I have so much more to say but I'm trying to watch 90210 as I type ;) My guilty pleasure.

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