Friday, February 16, 2007

My tooth is out. My big huge bottom wisdom tooth. I keep waiting for the pain from this gigantic hole I have in my mouth and it has not arrived yet. Could it be the three advil liquidgels I took four hours ago? I'm just about due for three more...

We went grocery shopping whilst I was still frozen. Another 330 bucks spent. But hey we did get three lbs of frozen crab legs and claws for free! I also bought Phoenix some "Quietude" by Boiron... it's for kids to help them with sleeping issues. My issue? He does not sleep. We'll see if it helps. It's homeopathic so either way it's really not going to hurt.

On the upside, At 1:20pm Phoenix and I layed down to nurse and woke up at 4:20pm! We both had a very much needed three hour nap. Jeff and the girls went to the car dealership and checked out new vehicle options. Yes I know we just bought a minivan last year. But apparently there is a class action lawsuit starting (we've already contacted a lawyer) for the intake manifold gasket and I guess it can fail and seize the engine (Robyn the lawsuit is for your vehicle too so check it out online.) So jeff and the girls were eyeing up a 2005 Chevy Uplander with all the bells and whistles. Colour? White. Again. Doh! It only has 30,000km's and it's 22,000. We'll see. I'm not convinced we need another vehicle so soon. But we'll get financed at a much better rate and we'll spread the payments over 7 years and not 5 so we might run the numbers and see. If it's not too much more than we are paying now we might go with it. We'll see... again ;)

I've been thinking about Car seats. Olivia's is falling apart and she needs a new one. I'd really like a Britax Marathon for Phoenix. So I think I'll suck it up, get Phoenix a Marathon and put Olivia in the Evenflo Titan (we just bought it new three months ago and it's good to 44 lbs and she's only just 32 lbs so far.) I'd really like the "cowmooflauge" but we'll see if Jeff will go for it... hey! Maybe I'll let him get the uplander if I get the cow seat!

The kids are having Annie's mac and cheese for dinner (Jeff's cooking) and I'm not very hungry. I might have a fruit cup or something.

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