Tuesday, February 13, 2007

*roll eyes*

Here we go again... someone posted an article on snet praising the miracle of the measles vaccine... it's been posted of course in the hopes of getting us non-vacc'ers all riled up again. I am not taking that bait! I'm in far too good of a mood to be bothered with them. I had a pm from Maribeth (the editor of snet) saying she was sorry I was having such a hard time in the cafe lately. It was nice :)

I'm doing DITL today (day in the life.) It started at 1:30am when I was headed to bed. And continued at 2:20am when Phoenix awoke for the first time... 4:20am for the second time... 6:20 for the third time (and then stayed awake until about 8:00) and then moved on to getting up at 10:00.

I have my chicken soup in the crockpot. I added some fresh grated ginger root to it as well. I need to go add a tablespoon of coconut oil too. I made a fresh batch of hummus. I went easy on the garlic today (only two cloves) because this garlic I have is bitter for some reason. I hope it mellows out in the soup. So lunch was a bowl of hummus (what was left after the kids kept dipping their fingers in it for *tastes*) and some whole wheat pita's.

Olivia is off to preschool so it's just Maddy, the fiend and I. Beverly Hills is on in one hour ;)

Well Phoenix napped for the grand total of 45 minutes and Olivia should be home any minute. The floors are swept and vacuumed and dinner is burbling away. The bread is baking and Madeline is doing ballet while we listen to "out of the west" (LOTR) by Annie Lennox. Phoenix is on my back in the Mei Tai and he is happy... for now ;)

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