Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I would really like my baby to decide that sleep is a good thing. Not that I'm stressin bout it or anything... just sayin is all.

Phoenix had a nap from 6:30pm to 9. I napped from 7:30-9. I lay down on the couch and Olivia covered me with a blanket, both girls got me bears and both Madeline and Olivia sang me rock-a-bye. They kissed me good night and went to brush their teeth. I woke up 1.5 hours later and Daddy had read them stories for 20 minutes, got them ready and then put them to bed. Then he cleaned the entire kitchen, put the leftover soup away (it was great!) and was enjoying some quiet time.

Phoenix ate dinner tonight! He had some soup ground up with the baby food grinder and he thought it was awesome. Olivia didn't eat even one bite of soup and went to bed with exactly one half a piece of whole wheat bread and butter in her tummy. She'll be hungry tomorrow! Madeline loved the soup, ate a whole bowl and two pieces of bread.

Madeline has her valentine's party tomorrow at school so she'll take her valentine cards and a fruit platter that we picked up. I like to send healthy snacks... I just know there will be tons of red food dyes and I'm counting on her and Mrs. Cole to make sure she does not eat any.

Phoenix is crying in Jeff's arms. He's been fed and he's tired but he just does not want to give in. Daddy is comforting and singing to him (while he watches "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"... yep he's a geek) but he's continuing to fuss. Maybe cause it's after midnight???

I need to go eat something healthy. I've had far too many pringles tonight and I'm feeling blergy.

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