Friday, February 09, 2007


There has been a giant (I won't say debate because hardly any of these women know the true meaning of the word) rant/arguement at Storknet (a board I have been a member at for 6.5 years) for the past two days that just blows my mind. The subject is vaccination... or rather how people who DON'T vaccinate are just giant pieces of crap. In two days we've (a collective we of about 4 or 5 of us) been called crazy, stupid, ignorant and assholes. We've been told they'd like us to stay home, homeschool and stop putting their children at risk. We've also been virtually slapped and bitchslapped. A couple members of this group are so incredibly immature and naive that it's laughable.

All of the people that I know that have chosen to not vaccinate their children are incredibly well educated on the subject. In fact, studies show that children who are not vaccinated tend to come from homes that have married parents, a mother that has a college education and a family gross income of over 75,000. So rather us lowlifes being stupid and ignorant... it would seem we're a fairly educated intelligent bunch!

As a general rule almost ALL of the people I know that vaccinate their children have gone through a very short thought process to get there.
-my doctor says I should vaccinate
-sign us up
No research is done. They rely on scare tactics (so and so's great aunt had measles and DIED. So EVERYONE ON EARTH must get this vaccine.) and fluffed up stats that really mean nothing.

All non-vaccinator's that I know usually arrive at that decision by way of the following...
-what should I do about vaccines?
-most people I know do them... but are they safe?
-I should look this up
-wow... this information against vaccinations is compelling...
-I should talk to more people and do some more research
-I can see why people would vaccinate but do they know how dangerous the ingredients can be?
-oh my... I can't believe that your common vaccine contains this stuff! ( for a list
-I'm making the choice to not subject my childen to these poisens
-I hope I've made the right choice and I'll continue to research and keep up to date on all issues due to this subject

Notice the difference? It takes a lot of guts, brains and determination to step away from the herd. To not become a "sheeple" of sorts. It's not the easy choice. To have to explain again and again why you are chosing to PROTECT your child and that to YOU people who vaccinate are putting their childrens lives at risk.

I feel just as strongly (if not more) as people who do vaccinate that we have made the right choice for our family and our children. Just as I chose to breastfeed, wear my baby, co-sleep and feed an all natural organic diet. These are choices that benefit MY KIDS. I don't do them to make ME look better. I give two shits most days about what is best for me. My kids are my life, my heart and my soul. I do everything in my power to protect them and keep them safe. And THAT IS WHY I refuse to inject them with poison all in the name of science. I believe that the more natural you are, the better you eat and the better care of yourself that you take, the better your immune system will be! My organically grown babes have the power to fight the chicken pox, the measles, the mumps. I don't know where as a species we have lost such faith in our bodies natural abilities to keep themselves healthy.

These women are rude, crude and uninformed. They rely solely on their wit and sarcasm to get them friends and see them through. Not a single non vacc'er has had to resort to name calling to get their point across. None of us are begging them to stop vaccinating their children. We're just asking them to research and keep an open mind... as we are always doing.



Robyn said...

you GO, tammy! you are so right, with every word, and i just wish that even one of them would read it. it frustrates me to no end that we are the ones who are called ignorant, when they are the ones who have thought for a total of 3 minutes to arrive at the decision to vaccinate. whereas others of us have kids who have lifelong issues because of vaccines, and we are made to be the "stupid, crazy" ones.

Katrina said...

I've always admired your's and Jeff's determination to live as naturally as possible with your kids. You have given me somethings to think about for the future. Thank you.

Heather said...

Amen. I've had people tell me that while they like me and all, they'd never let their children play with my unvaccinated ones (Because they carry polio!).
I grew up in an anti-vax home, I was one of a number of kids/parents my mom knew who were vaccine-damaged. My neighbor's little girl went into a coma after the meningitis vax. :( (she came out of it okay but that prompted research and her mom never vax'd her again)