Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just cause ;)

So night three of antibiotics and he's sleeping in 2-5 hour stretches... last night he woke up yelling both times but I think that's more of a habit than anything else ;) He took a bit to calm the first time but the second time it was only a minute or so. And then he nursed and slept for another 5 hours STRAIGHT.

I have energy again. I have motivation. It's amazing. I woke up, checked the net, fed Phoenix, folded and put away two loads of laundry, made the kids lunch, made hummus (and then ate hummus) all before noon! That's a big accomplishment for me these days ;)

Someone on snet just posted a link about lead in vinyl lunch boxes. Yep... we have two of one of the brands that may contain them. So they are going in the garbage post haste. Madeline was coveting a metal lunch box at Great White this weekend so looks like that is in her future ;)

Phoenix likes black beans. He ate about 8? 10? beans at lunch yesterday. I have having spicey black bean soup so I just sucked the spice off the beans and gave them to him. He also had some apple/mango/peach fruit cup after dinner. He was very happy with that.

Jeff and I sent the kids downstairs last night after their dinner of eggs fried in coconut oil and fresh whole wheat bread and cultured butter so we could eat our king crab legs and salad. It was nice to just hang with him (and phoenix) and actually talk while we ate! What a concept ;)

Jeff's home for lunch. I'll go chat with him :)

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