Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh god...

Can I GET any sicker?

So the fiend has an ear infection. He finally stopped screaming after doing garlic oil, heavy duty probiotics (3 times a day) belladonna, camomilla and tylenol the first night for the pain. I broke my tylenol ban... when your baby is in THAT MUCH PAIN (and trust me... he was) you do something. It must have been one freak of an infection because I know Grayson didn't scream nonstop like this! Either that or Phoenix has a really low pain tolerance.

Olivia complained last night that her head hurt (oh shit) and then woke up at midnight with a headache. Then woke up at 2am barfing everywhere. Blueberries, strawberries, pancakes and syrup DO NOT make for an easy barf cleanup. Nasty nasty nasty. Of course she did it while she was laying on her back and barfed all over her face, long hair and bed. Everything fucking stained and she needed a bath immediately. She seems fine today so I don't know what that was about?

Two days ago I woke up with a head cold. Yesterday it hit hard and now today I have a fever, chills, plugged up totally head, massive head ache and all over body hurt. And I am at home, alone, looking after three kids. I really need to get Jeff a job where he can work from home.

Jeff's sick too. Not to this extent thankfully... one of us needs to have their head about them.

I called my other Mother Goose leader and let her know that I would not be there tonight. I left a message so I hope she gets it! I'll try again in another couple of hours. I've had a bath but I just can't get out of my jammies... dammit I can barely get off of the couch.

I have to make Maddy's festival dress by saturday... we have 11 kites to construct... I have to survive. It's all seeming a bit much right now.

I see this icon on a friends livejournal and it says:

To do list:
Wake up
Go to bed

that's about it for me today.

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Katrina said...


I think I heard Charlene say that Jeff knows how to do web coding and web design. It is supposed to be difficult to get started but I know a couple people are able to do it out of their home, may-be Jeff can too. I hope you and the kids feel better soon.