Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I am soooo tired. Phoenix has slept no more than 15 minutes at a time all day and all night for the last two nights and days. I FINALLY got him to sleep in bed as of about an hour or so ago. I hope he stays down for a while... he needs it.

He thinks that he wants solid food. He does. He watches us eat, opens his mouth, pretends to chew... but his body is clearly not ready for it judging from the fact that he gets crampy and gassy and uber bitchy. He'll just have to grouch about it for a while longer I guess.

My husband loves me. He really does! He told me to go ahead and order a Baby Hawk Mei Tai. I'm stoked! I need something to be able to carry Phoenix around on my back for hours. I've been doing it with the pouch but he's a little too low in it for it to be comfy for my back. I'll keep using the pouch around for poppability (great for just running in somewhere) but if he's going to be it in for a couple of hours I need the MT. I'm uber stoked! (did I mention that?)

I go an order in for Carazoo shoes. Two pairs for Phoenix (skull and crossbones and a tan Teddy bear pair) and a pair for Ella (lavendar with purple butterflys) so cute! I'm waiting for a bill for my Klean Kanteen's as well. I love Christmas shopping on line.

I'm laying down for a bit before I have to make dinner. This day is just freaking dragging...

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