Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's 8:15 pm...

and all my children are in bed! Sleeping!!!

I put the girls to bed at around 7:15ish. Jammies, teeth, story, kisses, rock-a-bye and in to bed. Tucked them both in and snooze town! I called my girlfriend Jean and we were chatting. I was hanging out on the bed with Phoenix. He hadn't nursed for about an hour but was happily playing with his teething beads on his tummy. All of a sudden I look and he's doing the sleepy kitten thang ;) He passed out! I tucked our blankie over him and tip toed out. Who knows how long he is down for but I aim to enjoy it whist I can!

I did a baby shower at Healthiest Babies today. I was representing La Leche League. I was pleasently suprised at the number of breastfeeding moms there :) I got to hang out with Laura and Saphie (Saphie being the baby that Phoenix is arranged to marry... lol! She's absolutely freaking adorable!) and the other babies. At one point I had about 10 women all asking me about first solid foods and food allergies. I am such a good public speaker :) It's really nice to have people who want to educate themselves actually listen to what I have to say. It was a good affirmation of why I do what I do :)

After the baby shower we went and picked up Madeline from kindergarten and I took the kids to Exploration Place for the afternoon. They love the kids museum. We played in the sand, climbed on the ship. Maddy and I did boat races and Liv and I crashed our trains. Afterwards we went upstairs to watch the Bearded Dragon eat his dinner of live crickets. The kids got a massive kick out of that! We watched the snakes, talked to the turtles, played with electricity. We then sat down and played Frog tic tac toe, did a huge wooden Melissa and Doug dinosaur puzzle, played with an insect block puzzle and coloured some christmas pictures. Phoenix napped happily in the sling after nursing his fill downstairs.

We grabbed some dinner tonight and the three of us ate while Jeff went back to work. I let the kids watch a Christmas special on TV until 7 and then into bed.

It's been a good day so far. Though I just got a phone call from Rose that apparently the boys got a "head lice" notice home. Funny... my kid goes to the same school and no notice? I checked her bag and there is nothing in there. I'll check her head in the morning and give her and olivia both shampoo's with some tto in them as a preventative measure. I'm not too worried. The kindergarteners have their own door, don't use any sports gear that the other kids do and are generally segregated. Their coats are in their own room as well. Just have to keep on it that's all. Rose suggested I shampoo their heads with denorex but I remember how badly that hurt my head and I'm not going to put the kids through that. Generally with girls if you keep their hair in tight braids that helps a lot as well.

Well I'm going to take a quick nap I think while Phoenix is sleeping.

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Robyn said...

i think we're going to enjoy that museum membership! :)

sounds like you had a busy and productive day! everyone missed you at the xmas party...i was told by richard to give you heck for skipping out. LOL!