Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh for fucks sakes...

Just GO TO SLEEP already!

Yes THIS TIME it's about the baby.

He's been in uber bitchy, teething, grouchy, colicky mode for three solid days. You cannot put him down (not even to pee), you can't eat, HE won't nurse without screaming for 15 minutes first. He chomps at the breast, pulls away, screams... he's getting enough (I'm watching the diaper count) but he's bitchy about it.

I got maybe three hours of sleep last night. I'm bagged. I've now had TWO false starts where he's been in bed tonight but then woken up 10 minutes later ready to party. It's midnight. I'm bagged. I need to sleep.

I'm entertaining thoughts of running away to Greece and leaving it all behind. I'd settle for a QUIET baby, a bath and a good nights sleep though.

Can this stage just be over already? Olivia was such an easy baby... she spoiled the heck out of me.

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