Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where to begin?

I guess I'll start... at the beginning... lol!

December 21
We had good intentions to do a ritual with the kids to celebrate Yule... It got late though and we got tired so we let the kids open their presents from Aunty Dawn and then it was bedtime for them. They both got very cool Disney Princess sets and Phoenix got a cool crinkly book and a winnie the pooh photo album.

December 22
We headed over to Al and Roses to open presents from Mike and Robyn as they were going to Robyn's parents house for Christmas. We bought the family (even though we were not supposed to be exchanging family gifts... doh!) a years membership to the local kids museum. I really think they'll enjoy that. They got all three kids of ours jammies, the girls got kids croc's and Phoenix a very cool Leap frog Caterpillar. They also got the girls bobblehead dolls that you put your own pics in. We had dinner there (fantastic as usual) and had a good time. Olivia chucked a wobbly when it was time to leave (long night, very LOUD and busy time) but it was dealt with.

December 23
My parents came over for chinese food and to open presents. My dad was in a fucking snit most of the time that he was here. He was all pissed off because we were not going to be there for Christmas day and it would be the first time that they would have no kids around. Well try treating our family like we mean something to you and perhaps we'll show up? Just a thought? They got the girls some toys, Phoenix some toys and us a big lawn ornament. It ended up being an okay night but my dad's bad mood just overshadowed the whole ordeal.

December 24
We spend the morning just hanging... it was nice! We then took cards and soda cracker candy to all the neighbors that we know. We went to my aunt and uncles for a bit. It was... okay. It's the first time my aunt has seen P since he was born. They got the girls a very cool Crayola crayon maker and some really ugly porceline dolls jewellry box things... I think they will be freecycled shortly ;) We went to my grandmothers for dinner after and my other aunt and uncle, mom and dad and my cousins were there. We had a good time there. I had a very yummy Margarita ;) The girls got really precious dance bags from my grandmother. After we were done there we came home, put out chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies for santa and the girls went to bed.

I filled the stockings, Jeff brought up the Santa gifts and then he struggled with the farking Discovery Dome for Phoenix for about 45 minutes. lol! We had a late but good night.

December 25
Let the carnage commence!!! The girls and us took about an hour to open all presents. Everyone liked everything. That about sums it up. The girls are ALL about their ponies ;) I got a couple seasons of Friends. Cordless notebook mouse, Memoirs of a Geisha, organic shampoo, face toner, tea and chocolate. I got some socks and notebooks as well. My Mil got me a gorgeous Goddess candle and the Llewellyn press 2007 Witches Datebook. They also got us another years membership to the kids museum.

We went to Al and Roses for breakfast and presents. Breakfast was awesome! They got us (get this!) a Cuisinart Food Processor!!!!!!!! I'm stoked!!! They also got us a Humidifier and some towels, the kids snowsuits and clothes, chairs and umbrella's and markers. Michelle got the girls slippers and Phoenix a First Years Cell Phone. He loves it! We came home for a bit, went back for an awesome supper, put the kids to bed there and then we all came home at around 11pm. Good times. Best Christmas in years.

December 26
Relaxed most of the day. I got to wash my hair with my new organic shampoo, eat some organic chocolate, drink some fabulous chai tea... heaven. We went back over the Al and Roses for an awesome ham dinner and visiting.

Today? I took down my tree ;) Cleaned up the living room and put it back in order. Vacuumed, swept, washed dishes... I got my Babyhawk Mei Tei in the mail!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I got Phoenix on my back and cleaned for two hours with him there. I'm going to get a TON of use out of it! I also got a notice that my credit limit on my card is being upgraded from $200 to $1200. That's quite the jump.

Phoenix went to bed at 8:30 but he's up now. Still tired though. I gave him a bit of mashed avacado and coconut oil. Not... such a fan. He eats maybe an 1/8 of a tsp of food every fourth day or so... maybe. Solids not such a fan of is he.

Well my time is up... I just wanted to get an account of these days done while it's still fresh.

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