Friday, December 29, 2006

A Holiday Picture Post

Sleeping bunny/dragon
Oh so cute :)
Stockings stuffed and waiting for morning
Ponies, Discovery dome, pressies galore
My mom and dad
My cousins Brittney and Sadie with Madeline... after their bubble fight while doing dishes ;)
Olivia... hangin
December 23rd and dressed in their finest
Maddy's school picture
Mr. Fiend... lookin fiendish
Sister Maddy lovin on the babe


Babs said...

Whoa, I have never seen that intense a resemblence between Maddy and Liv before that picture! I thought that WAS Liv!!!

Frogmorest said...

Pretty insane huh? They look more like one another every day! You can definatly tell all my kids have the same parents.