Sunday, December 17, 2006

Solid food... and sex (but not together... not that there's anything wrong with that)

and annoying co-leaders.

We had LLL on thursday and we had a "new" mom to the group. She seemed very nice and had a teeny 7.5 month with her (teeny as in like 14-15 lbs) she expressed some concern that her baby seemed to be taking in less breastmilk with the introduction of solids. With some questioning it turns out that her baby is taking in three solid food meals a day. This is the point in the meeting where I'm thinking "well of course he's taking in less breastmilk!" and gently give her the information that breastmilk packs more calories ounce for ounce than any solid foods and that most babies at 7.5 months are not able to fully digest the solids anyways. That if she does not want her baby to prematurely wean that she'll want to be careful with how much she offers.

But... before I can say anything my co-leader leaps in (for the record she's not known for her tactfulness) with "rice cereal is completely garbage, your baby would eat tacks if you put them in front of him, how do you KNOW he want food" (repeat for about 15 minutes) I finally got to interject and gave her some good advice. Dammit I'm getting really tired of having to deflect her comments all the fucking time. If she's that jaded she should just give it up! Grrr....

We give Phoenix a little something every four or so days... usually just a teething bisquit to suck on while we are eating (ok so he's only had two in his life) because he's doing just fine on breastmilk and I don't really say much reason to rock the boat. He still can't sit up unassisted and he still has a tongue thrust so he's obviously not ready for much. Not a popular opinion in the "feed them as soon as possible" sect but probably the safer way to go.

I got to have sex last night. Well mostly sex of the oral variety but sex none the less. I can't FUCKING WAIT till he has his sperm analysis and they are all dead in the water. I hate hate HATE condoms. Most of the time I'd rather not have sex that have sex with condoms. It does not matter the brand, lubed or not, ribbed or not... I just hate them.

I'd like to have sex eventually in my own bed ;) I feel so exposed doing it in the living room. I keep waiting for a little jammied person to walk out and ask for a drink of water ;) That would be a show for them ;) Oh well I guess everyone walked in on their parent's at some point.

After the great fantastic sex (lol) Phoenix only woke up 3 times last night! He woke up, nursed, passed out. I like that.

We're spending the day just hanging and then heading out to friend's for dinner and a gift exchange tonight. It should be fun!


Heather said...

Which leader is that? I only remember the blonde one and I didn't like her very much for the opposite reason!

Re: exposed sex.
My mom said I walked in on my parents all the time all the way up to six years old but I don't remember a single event, even though I knew all about sex. I think thi sis because they never freaked, yelled, covered up or acted ashamed. They said I just walked over and wanted "A hug, too" (I thought they were hugging) then they'd give me one and I'd go back to bed. I'm pretty sure if they flipped and acted ashamed I'd sure remember it as something awful!

Frogmorest said...

that's the one!!! She's become so incredibly fucking militant (to the EXTREME) that it's insane! People come once and then NEVER come back. It sucks :(

Yah the kids have caught us in comprimising situations and we just laugh... deal with them and send them back to bed ;)

Robyn said...

okay...that is absolutely the BEST title in the world, ever. LOL!

Heather said...

Wah? The blonde one went all militant? My issue with her before was how unfriendly/negative she was (I had been sitting next to this pregnant woman that got FREAKED by something she was saying) and so neutral she was almost pro-bottle. That's a big shift. Weird!

My kid has yet to walk in on us. Whenever she sees us kissing she says it's gross and tells us to stop, though (I keep wondering where she got that idea?).

Frogmorest said...

well militant about some things (mainly the things SHE does). I'm wondering if it's pregnancy induced or what. She's very jaded ... she's just not interested in helping you know? Just interest in "telling"...