Monday, December 04, 2006

Stuff and stuff

point form ;)

*we put up the tree and decorated last night... the kids did the tree and did a fantastic job! Good times... good times

*we've had like two feet of snow over the weekend. It... fucking... sucks

*my milk supply is rebounding (thank you fenugreek!) and Phoenix is having tons of nice wet diapers now (yayy!)

*still looking for a pony... supposed to call Jason from Leisure at superstore tomorrow and suck up to him ;)

*got Jeff put on moderated status on freecycle for mentioning that we'd pay for a pony

*Jeff scored a $1500 web contract. Half now and half at the beginning of January. Snow tires here we come!

*yah... we decided not to buy snow tires and then it snowed two feet. We need snow tires

*my mother came and visited today... for a whole hour. Nice. She payed attention to Phoenix... talked to the girls a bit and then left! Spending the evening with Sue before she heads out to work... we're high on the priority scale I tell ya

*off to boob babe and hopefully get him to sleep. He had about 1/8 of a tsp of fresh mashed pear today (if that) and Jeff let him lick a fudgsicle. If you can't tell I really don't care whether he eats solid food or not.

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