Saturday, December 09, 2006

Busy busy busy

Tonight we did grocery shopping and health food shopping. Ave Maria had a 25% off special tonight that I did not know about but since I bought nearly $100 it was nice to get that off! I bought a $22 dollar jar of coconut oil, Aubrey organics shampoo for the girls, Weleda Calendula cream for Phoenix. I also pick up Tahini, the girls vitamins, organic baby oatmeal and some vanilla teething bisquits. They still had their organic ground beef on for buy three get one free. So I got four chubs of that. I then went to Superstore and dropped another load of cash. Dammit why does it cost so much to eat fresh and organic? I won't change it for anything but I'll also never be one of those people that say eating organic is no more expensive. It's more expensive. Trust me.

While at Superstore I picked up a Leappad book for Maddy (on sale for $6!!!) and the kids x-mas outfits. A gorgeous black velvet dress for Maddy with a little fuzzy pink bolero jacket, a burgandy and pink fluttery dress for Liv and a little vest/shirt/tie/pants set for Phoenix. They'll be smashing!

I asked Rose to babysit the kids tomorrow while we do some shopping. She already has the boys though so we'll see. She's supposed to call me in the morning and let me know. I hope she can but I also don't want to feel as if I'm pulling teeth or anything ;) Apparently Al might have something already planned for her to do. We'll see.

I have to run all over town tomorrow for Christmas pressies. Exploration place, PG sewing, Superstore, Wal-mart, Pine centre, Warehouse one... it will be extrordinarily stressful if we have to take the kidlets. It will be bad enough shuffling Phoenix in and out of the car. At least the weather is nice though and so heavy duty clothing is not needed. The girls both have ballet tomorrow too... that reminds me that we have to pay them their fee's.

I've got my lists made. I've checked it twice. I'm ready to rock and or roll.


Robyn said...

you know, i think we may be spending too much time together, just for the fact that WE DID THE EXACT SAME THINGS TODAY. without knowing it. that is so extraordinarily weird.


i will cross my fingers that rose will watch your kidlets tomorrow. i was going to ask her to watch mine, but i'll wait til sunday...that way mike can maybe come with me too.

have fun! spend lots! LOL

Frogmorest said...

Very very strange huh? I had a good laugh over that! Did you figure out if you did get 25% off?

Hey you might as well take them over there tomorrow if she's watching my kids. You know Rose... she'd rather do them all at once and then have free time the next day. She's nuts that woman! I love her nuttyness though ;)

I've got about $500 slated for tomorrow. Ouch!