Friday, December 08, 2006


It's a mish mash post. Mostly thrown up because my darling sister asked me to ;)

Today was a hard day. I've got very little sleep for the last oh well six months or so. I'm tired. I'm tired of hearing children fight and bicker from the very second I wake up to the minute they go to bed. Thank the goddess above for preschool and kindergarten. I would not survive this year I swear.

Phoenix is a fusspot. He is about 10 times fussier than Olivia ever was. He wants to be held constantly (normal of course) and it's hard. He's in the sling at least 4-5 hours a day and my back is feeling it. I love him to death and he's such a little punkin... but he's a fusspot. I have to remember though that one day he won't want to be held and cuddled and snuggled and I should enjoy it whilst I have the chance. I love my little guy. I love my girls. I thank the goddess every day that I have the chance to have them in my lives... but could they just take it a bit easier on me? lol!

Jeff had to work late tonight. He had a meeting with a client (web) and he'll come home with not only a paycheck tomorrow but also another $750 cheque. Nice! He works very hard for our family and I am very grateful and thankful to him.

We had a nice dinner tonight after the girls were in bed. Phoenix sat in his bouncy seat and chewed an apple through his baby safe food teether. I think he mostly ate drool but he got some tastes :) It kept him happy for a bit. Jeff and I ate Boston Pizza takeout and it was tres yummy. Damn it's expensive to order from there! I think it's our first time ever?

Tomorrow Maddy has school and then grocery shopping at night. I want to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend and get that out of the way.

Our yule tree this year. The kids decorated it :)

Our ornaments on the bookshelf.

Olivia and Phoenix while Maddy was at school. Notice that Olivia is in possesion of the family Rudolf. He's currently tucked into bed with her. Phoenix has found his hands and is quite happy with that :)

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