Monday, December 11, 2006

Another long day

But a really really good day with the kids. Phoenix slept like crap last night (what else is new?) and we were all up and about at 9am. I was going to go back to bed but I really wanted to shitkick the kitchen into shape. So Jeff and I washed... cupboards, counters, fridge, stove, sinks, floors... it's a very very clean kitchen and I am a happy Tammy :)

Jeff played with the kids a ton today. Drug them around the house while they hung to his ankles, tickled, scared, threw them around. They soak that time up. Phoenix was less impressed with the noise but a good boobing keeps him happy.

The girls did tons of crafts... watched "Cars" twice *roll eyes* played with playdoh, stamps, coloured, did paper dolls.

We went to the mall today and hit the dollar store so the girls could do their shopping for eachother and jassy, gray, brandon, travis and phoenix. They bought some interesting stuff ;) I tried to gently guide them to appropriate items but in the end it was whatever struck their fancy.

Maddy has school every day this week except friday. They are practicing the christmas concert on tuesday and then preforming it on thursday. I can't wait!!!

Well off to bed. I'm knackered.

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Lady Aeval said...

The Dollar Store can be such a life saver. You have to be careful though, my son will break some of their toys in an instant because he's so rough.