Sunday, July 23, 2006

Well how much do I suck?

lol! Apparently no one reads my blog... oh well :)

Today was another scorching hot freaking day. I think it got to like +34 or something? Waaaaayyyy too hot. Rose called and invited us over for the day (they have two air conditioners and some fans going) and it was sooooooooo cool in their house. I could actually nurse Phoenix without him sticking to me with sweat! Sweet! Robyn and the kids were there too and we all had dinner together. It was very nice. Apparently they are all going camping next weekend (I don't think with each other though) and I am jealous! Jeff works on saturday so no go for us. I want to get out of town so bad :(

The girls were fairly well behaved today. Maddy sliced her hand open on a sewing needle and yells "I got blood!" "Look!!! Blood!!!" but was not crying or anything... I think she just thought it was cool ;)

Olivia announced today that she thinks Aslan (from Narnia) is cute and that when she grows up she is going to marry him. Ho boy. How do I explain this?

Maddy has decided that Phoenix needs a nick name... so it's either "Phoenix the weenix" or "Phoenix the penis" ummm. No.

I think Maddy is going through a growth spurt because she is hungry all the time! She's just recently put on some height so maybe it's weight time.

I'm sitting right in front of my window staring past my maple tree and looking down the river at the sunset... sigh :) Happy sigh :) I love my view. Now if only it was NOT SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!!! I live in northern BC. I am not cut out for this! -40 I can take... +34? Not so much so.


Samurai Shisho said...

I read your blog, my dear! ;)

Frogmorest said...

Hurray!!!! I wub you :)

nymmy said...

I just found your blog through your comment on mine. Does that count?