Monday, July 17, 2006

Fussy... still

So I guess he's showing his true colours ;)

Phoenix LOVES comfort nurse. Loves it. One problem though... he hates HATES getting milk when he comfort nurses. This does not work for me as I have TONS of milk and could be feeding about 5 babies right now. So basically he grunts for the boob, I put him on, he's fine till he gets a let down, then he pulls... screams... cries... pulls off... latches on... repeat until I get irritated and take him off. Try this again in another 5 minutes. Sigh... I WILL NOT give in and give him a soother. He'll just have to deal ;)

He is sleeping currently and last night slept from 1:30am till 6:30am! Then after nursing he slept till 9am... he's still sleeping now :)

The girls are watching tv, I had potato salad for breakfast.

I'm having sex again (twice in one weekend) and deathly afraid of getting pregnant. I really wish they would call him in for his vasectomy!

I'm wondering if I'll hear today about Phoenix's blood test for jaundice and what the results are?

The house is mostly nice and tidy so I think I'll ignore it today ;) Thanks to my loverly husband.

Olivia might be going to preschool this fall. I registered her but there is a wait list and they'll call me and let me know. I'm totally grateful to Robyn as she's offered to pick Olivia up for me if she can get in to the same class that Jassy is in. Jeff can drop her off there though so that is good. I guess with Maddy in full day kindy two or three times a week and Liv in preschool I might have some time with just two kids instead of three. That would be... quiet. lol!

Annoyed at my "other" mother... I commented that if she wanted to take my kids (or even kid) camping that I would be all for that. I said that Robyn was feeling the same way (you know kinda joking around) and she said "well the boys come first" and commented that we all could take our kids camping any time that we wanted and that since the boys mom is single that she was unable to take them camping. What... fucking... bullshit. She enables that girl so much that it's not even fucking funny anymore. Grrr.

Hopefully the kidlets are well behaved today with minimal fighting. I can't handle the fighting.

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