Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 am...

And Phoenix is FINALLY asleep and in bed. Thank the Goddess ;) Little man was up today from 11am to about 4:30pm. Then slept basically until 9:30pm (woke up twice to nurse) the ENTIRE time we were over at friends for dinner. Then was awake from then till now. So I guess he had one nap today? Be it a 5 hour one ;) He's changed drastically from the "sleep all the time" baby he was.

We had a great time tonight at Maggee and Richard's. A wonderful dinner and they loved on the kids the whole time. They are so good to them... and us! Maddy fell down about 10 minutes before we left though and bashed her knee up pretty good. She went to bed with an ice pack for it. Olivia started losing it around 8ish (her bedtime) and by the time we got home (9:30) she had a major meldown. Kicking, screaming... she NEVER does this! I finally yelled at her to CALM DOWN (makes sense huh? tell her to calm down when I'm losing it? Not so much so...) and she did... enough to get pj's on and brush her teeth. She was probably out within two minutes once her head hit the pillow.

I overheard jeff singing lullaby's to Phoenix when I was in the bathroom tonight. It makes my heart melt to see the way he is with him. He is such a good daddy.

Well I'm off to bed too. I got very little sleep last night (he was up till 1am, slept till 4 and then up until about 8am!) and none the night before. How am I still alive? Could it be that sleep deprivation is such a constant to me my body is actually used to it? lol!

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