Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dark Phoenix...

First of all... we don't think it's liver disease or a congenital liver problem.

The doctor thinks it is just extended breast milk jaundice and we'll keep watching his levels (another blood test in two weeks) and he thinks it will just keep dropping.

As for his iron and platelet count... NEVER NEVER NEVER trust the NURSE when she interprets the results. Sure his iron was very low and platelets very high... FOR AN ADULT! For a baby they are just fine... well within range.

So after lots of poking and prodding of the liver (not enlarged) checking his eye whites, soles of feet and palms of hands (all white) he suspects that jeff's mediteranian background and my native background have combined to product a very good looking darker skinned boy :) That the jaundice will come down and that everything will be fine.

Thank the Goddess and the God... *tears*


Babs said...

I only just caught up, I've been off the net for a few days.
I'm SO GLAD he's okay. He looks so dark in his pictures, he'll grow up to be so dashing. :)

Jessica Jones said...

That's wonderful to hear! I was thinking about him today. Keep me posted.