Sunday, July 09, 2006

So sleepy...

Little man has his days and nights completely backwards. Were this my first child I could nap all day with him and when he finally decided to join the rest of the world on normal standard time we'd be good to go.

Unfortunately I have two other monsters (I mean children) that need me to be awake and taking care of them during the day. That sucks ass.

So last night I nursed him at about 1:30 and then jeff sat in the rocking chair with him until he wanted to nurse at about 4am. I went to bed and slept from 2:30-4ish... Then him and I watch Babylon 5 till about 7am. Then slept until 7:45... nursed till 8:30... then slept till 10:45ish. So just over 4 hours of sleep. Yes I'm still standing.

I sure hope he gets his time worked out soon... lol!

According to our bathroom scale today he weighs around 12lbs. He is 5 weeks old and was 7lbs at his smallest. So 5lbs of weight gain in just under 5 weeks. I wonder how long he can keep this up for?

My nipples are better from the thrush but it's still rampant in him. I think the next line of defense is cut out the nystatin and just so GSE on us both. Hopefully that will kick it.

I bought some new clothes today. A brown tank top, two pairs of blousey capri's in orange and teal (they both match the brown tank) and a floor length brown broomstick skirt. I am an autumn colour person so it all looks great. Oh and some new panties cause the pregnancy underwear are usually ending up somewhere around my knees.

The girls are in bed and it's time to wake up Phoenix in the HOPES that he will have an alert time NOW and then sleep tonight... hey one can hope!!!

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