Thursday, July 27, 2006

Visiting? Maybe :)

My sister and I are trying to find a way for Phoenix and I to fly down to Huntsville Alabama in late october. She moved there from Canada with her new husband and daughter in late December last year and I have not seen her since :( I really really want to go and they have offered to pay for half of my plane ticket but I just don't know if I can swing $400 :( Anyone with cash to spare reading my blog? Want to make a post partum woman really really happy! lol :)

Phoenix is sleeping like crap these days. He was up yesterday from 6:30 pm to 2:30 AM!!! Then he cried in my arms for about an hour while I sung to him and rocked him :( I think by that time he was just SO tired and SO overstimulated that he couldn't fall asleep... poor little guy :( Poor mommy... ;) Jeff is home tomorrow so at least I can sleep in a wee bit.

My parents got home last night so we'll spend the day with them on saturday. I think tomorrow that Phoenix and I will go with my mom to visit my grandmother in her nursing home. She does not really talk too much so it's better to have company while you are there.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish that we were going camping this weekend... sigh... We need to go out next weekend but it won't be the same without friends to hang around with.

Well it's 5:16pm and I'm still in my jammies (well actually they were fresh jammies from this morning) but that's okay :)

Oh and got both girls registered for ballet this fall. Maddy is in pre-primary and Olivia in Creative Movement. This will be Maddy's third year (she did a half year when she was three, full year at four and now this is the third) and Olivia is just beginning. They have to be three and it was a GREAT incentive for her to potty learn ;) I wish they offered hip hop for 5 year olds because maddy would love it! But alas, not till 8.

So money will be tight in september. Ballet for both, costume fee's for both, Pre-school for Olivia and Maddy needs new tights, skirt, leotard and shoes and Olivia needs new shoes. Jeff's mom offered to help with it so that is nice!

We are going to Sechelt to visit jeff's parents on October 18th. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS TOWN! I feel stifled. I NEED to see the ocean... I NEED to see something other than pine beetle kill. I need!!!!!

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