Friday, July 28, 2006

Good day

Last night my WONDERFUL husband held the baby until 4am while I had a bath, read some of my book (Memoirs of a Geisha) and went to bed. At 4am he woke me up, told me the baby had been changed and he had a case of the bonks (meaning he needed to nurse). I nursed him and he went right back to sleep! He did wake up another 2 or 3 times until 9:30 but kept going right back to sleep!!!! Nice :)

We had a fairly nice visit with my grandma in her nursing home today. It appears though that her care aid that comes and takes her on outings and such might be pilfering her money :( She's had control of her bank card and all of a sudden her account is in arrears and her this months rent cheque BOUNCED! My mom is looking into it but I don't think this woman will be working for us for much longer. Sad state of affairs when someone that you are supposed to be able to trust takes an old woman who's had a stroke for a ride... :(

The girls had their 6 month dentist visit. Both girls have perfect teeth with no problems. Thank goodness they have jeff's teeth! They both let them do a full cleaning and check up with no fits. That was nice.

Afterwards we took them to the children's museum (we have a family membership) for a while so they could run off some energy. They always have the best time there. Of course I spent the entire time nursing Phoenix... we'er in public! I must be starving! lol :)

We came home and ate chicken fajita's for dinner. Then I napped in my chair with little man, jeff cleaned up the kitchen and then put the kids to bed!!! Have I mentioned that I love this man? Cause I really do :)

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