Sunday, July 30, 2006

Very cool dream

Two nights again I had the most interesting, involved, lucid dream I have had in ages.

It's set 20 years in the future and apparently jeff and I won 18 million dollars on Lotto 649. The kids are all grown up. Maddy is a veterinarian. Olivia is just finishing her pre-med and Phoenix is an artsy type who's deciding "what to do with his life." Jeff and I are living in a nice house in a rural part of the lower mainland. We've got all the toys we want (snowmobiles, atv's, boat, truck and fifth wheel, nice cars etc) and we are raising Pugs. Strange.

My mom is dead but my dad is alive. Retired and still living in PG. Al and Rose are both long gone as are Jeff's parents. His sister and brother got divorced. My sister and BIL are still together though. Mike and Robyn are together and Mike is the head of Northwood now and lets Phoenix and Grayson work for him in the summers. Jassy is at UBC with Olivia and they are still best friends.

Casper is still alive and 30 years old... can cats live that long?

Jeff and I are very happy. We watch a little of pug puppies be born (3 black and one fawn). After we sit on our porch and snuggle and hold hands.

Strange strange dream. But 20 years from now I am going to look back on this and see if any of this came true!

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Jessica Jones said...

Wow, that's awesome. I wish I could remember my dreams in such detail.

So how's life? I'm getting better, every day. Sorry to hear that thrush is proving to be so difficult!