Sunday, July 30, 2006

Exciting day... ummm... not

Well we did take back the recycling, get another round of nystatin for the thrush that WILL NOT STAY AWAY (tried nystatin first, then Gentian violet, Bio-K, GSE...) it went away for a bit and now it's back (though I don't think we abolished it in the first place actually.) So despite asking the dr. for infant diflucan (apparently not reccommended for kids under 3) we got nystatin again. CROSS FINGERS it works. Course little man was hungry in the waiting room so I whipped out the boob. I think the guy sitting next to me was happy for that ;)

We shaved Frodo tonight. He had some massive mats on his back, haunches and under his arm pits. So he's nice and mat free now! He actually did very well. I am impressed :)

Phoenix is having his long nap of the day. He woke at 6 and ate for a bit and then fell back asleep. He actually slept a 6 hour stretch last night! I feel... still tired but less tired than before.

We had an *ok* day at my parents last night... some of the not so brilliant comments by my not so brilliant mother included...

*how am I supposed to bond if you won't let me feed him!
*I'm the important grandma and he better know that!
*I'll brainwash him while he's young
*I don't care what you say, at christmas he is having a lick of a candycane
*Phoenix your mommy is so selfish! She won't let me feed you a baba... poor baby
*Is he hungry.... AGAIN?
*Oh poor little guy... is your mama making you eat again?

(you get the point)

How I was EVER born from this woman I have no fucking idea *shakes head*

Well time to get kids ready for bed. Hurray!

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