Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baby showers and sleep!

Well Phoenix's baby shower was last night and we had a GREAT time! I think there was like 11 of us plus some babies so a good number to have :) There was a huge salad and sandwiches, punch and an adorable cake (with a bottle on it though... I joked that they should have put a big breast on it instead) lol!

My little man is now totally outfitted for the next six months ;) He got an insane amount of clothes and they were all so freaking adorable! My inlaws got him a stroller (okay the stroller is for Olivia when we take Maddy back and forth to school but just the same...) we got a Care Bear Mobile, a Franklin suitcase, big teddy bear, some toys, tons of baby toiletry stuff and a GORGEOUS Goddess hemp canvas bag from Robyn. Hands down my favourite gift :) It was awesome. Everyone got to baby love on Phoenix and due to all of the attention he was awake from 7pm to 12am!

Which meant... he slept AWESOME last night. From 12:15am to 4:45am... then back to sleep after nursing to 8:00am, nursed... then back to sleep till 10:30am! I need that. The night before I got two (yes two) hours of BROKEN sleep. I was tired.

Tonight is LLL. Carla's camping so I'm solo leading tonight. It will be pretty informal cause I can't move the library books yet so just a get together type of meeting. Robyn's going to give me a ride home in HER NEW VAN! Yep they got a van finally. They are very happy with it :)

Well off to change little man and nurse him up :)


Jessica Jones said...

You know, they make cakes with big breasts on them, though I'm not sure how appropriate it would be for a baby shower!

Jessica Jones said...
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