Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday thoughts

Well only 10 more days (or less!) until baby day :) I called my grandma and got things set up for her to come and spend the night on the first so she can be here when we leave friday morning. I think we have to be at the hospital at like 6am and I don't want to wake the kids that early. Then she'll stay with the girls until I'm settled in bed with babe, jeff will come home and pick kids up and then they'll all head to hospital (with my grandma too.) Then the girls go to spend the weekend with my other mother (Rose) I think they are looking more forward to that than the actual baby thing!!!!

I'm a bit worried about Livy... she's only spent one night away from me in her life and she didn't do so well... I hope she'll be okay.

I need to make a list of the girls stuff they'll need for that weekend and figure out if maddy has ballet rehersal that saturday.

We had a busy freaking weekend. It's nice to relax today. Though I do love it when we're busy cause the time goes by so fast! Yesterday Liv and I went to Robyn's for the afternoon and the kids were STELLAR! They played, we actually got to finish sentances... lol! I love spending time with Robyn. I can just be myself you know? And not worry about offending her with anything I say cause most likely she thinks the same way!

After Robyn's we all went to Rose and Al's for dinner for their grandsons birthday. It was a great dinner... the kids were a bit cranky though. All of the kids had had busy weekends.

Tonight is mother goose night. I wonder if Stacey has had her baby yet???

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