Tuesday, May 09, 2006

baby? prodromal labour?

bleh. I just don't even know.

Saturday I went for a non-stress test (hereafter known as nst) and the baby was good. A couple of decels down to 90 when he was FLIPPING but other than that... good. Saturday night around 8 I started having contrax. These took me by suprise! So 8 hours of steady 1 minute long, every 5 minutes, have to breathe through them contractions later, they stopped. Spaced out to about every 10-12 minutes and there they stayed. Sunday ... monday ...

I had my ob appointment yesterday and with my horrid back pain, mucus losing, steady contracting... she sent me for another nst just to check on baby. He was fine but I was having contractions still so they checked my cervix. No change so we got to come home (yayyy!)

I just want this baby to stay in for at least another two weeks. Course I'll be in pain that whole time but eh... it's my last babe. I can take a bit of pain.

Last night we went to my other parents for dinner and cake/ice cream. It was Al's 37th birthday. The first time everyone has been together in like months! We're all fairly healthy now so hopefully that can happen more often :)

I called Robyn this morning to let her know that I was not having a baby yet (lol) and she was sleeping! Yayyyy!!!! Apparently Mike let her sleep in :) That makes me happy. I hope he finally is getting that she NEEDS some time to sleep and just be herself. Sleeping in makes for a way better mama.

Speaking of which... there was none of that for me today. We're finally getting the new window's installed and the guy was supposed to be here at 10... so he finally gets here about 11 and now the banging and stuff the ensues is not very napping friendly.

Mother Goose tonight... yawwwwnnn... I'm going to be wiped by then! I'm in charge of snack tonight. I'm thinking strawberries, grapes, popcorn, cheese and crackers.

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