Tuesday, May 16, 2006

sleep? what's that?

With all the shit that's been going down at this message board I didn't get any sleep last night. I worried about what happens if she decides to get nasty with me again, what if she goes ahead with the "this person makes me unsafe" and gets me banned... she's got enough people that she's friends with on there (including admin's) to do that very easily. And I don't wanna leave :( I love the women on there :( I'm so fucking freaked about this baby and having him that I need that support. I think the damage is probably already done though... everyone knows she's talking about me ( all in the name of "therapy" )

So I finally fall into a semi decent sleep at around 6 am and the next next door neighbors start JACKHAMMERING at 8am. Rise and shine porcupine! Sleep? Who needs that!!! Fucking idiots.

Oh and useless contractor is STILL NOT FINISHED OUR FUCKING WINDOWS!!!! He (or the window guys) made a mistake on the kitchen one so we have to wait for a new one. He still has not come back to caulk Maddy's or our window's... he still needs to fix the sophiting on the side and the chipped wall in the bathroom. Did I mention that he thinks it's okay to hang window's with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and he head half in the house? Yah. Nice.

The kids are stil sleeping thank goodness. I need to get out of this funk for their sake...

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