Friday, May 05, 2006

34 weeks 2 days


I am so ready for this baby to be here! I know baby is not ready... but I am ready. My mother (in her infinite wisdom) phoned me this morning to tell me to take some castor oil today. Ummmm... NO! Little too early there mom! Apparently her and my dad are going back to work sometime in the next couple of weeks and so I guess she's missing the birth of our babe. Oh well. Now to find someone to watch the kids for me!!!

I am having second thoughts on the gender. I know they said it's a boy. I know we saw a "penis" but did we? Hmmm... if it's a girl she's wearing an awful lot of blue cause I got rid of all my baby girl clothes ;)

We're off in a bit to go to Robyn's for the afternoon. At least we can sit, talk and let the kids play. They usually require minimal supervision from us and that works for me. The three play very nicely together. Tomorrow we'll head to the park with Heather and her little person for the afternoon. Maddy has ballet at 12 and I have my non stress test then too. Hopefully our little person is non stressed.

Tonight we're going to see my other parents ;) We're all finally healthy so the kids FINALLY get to see them! I think it's been like 6 weeks or something?

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